Our Annual Top 5 Teeth-Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Here at East Madison Dental, we have food on the brain– and who doesn’t, with Thanksgiving just two days away? But, as a dental practice, we want to make sure that all of our delicious Thanksgiving dishes are not just tasty, but teeth-friendly. We have scoured the web, seeking out our 2017 Top 5 Teeth-Friendly Thanksgiving recipes for you! If you make one of these–please let us know! Read the rest of this entry »

East Madison Dental Completes Successful Dental Mission Trip to India

East Madison Dental’s team of five dental professionals returned this week from a successful dental mission in India.

Led by East Madison Dental owner and general dentist, Dr. Narpat Jain, the group included a hygienist, two dental assistants, East Madison Dental’s office manager, and a registered nurse.

“It was an incredible experience,” said Dr. Jain, “We were a small team, but we provided service to almost 40 patients a day—patients that really needed our services, many of whom had never received dental care before. It was a very successful trip.” Read the rest of this entry »

Dental Clinic in India Gets a Great Start

The dental clinic started early Monday morning with a line out the door. Children and adults of all ages waited patiently for the team to arrive. The team worked throughout the day, providing free cleanings, extractions, and other services to the people of Khichan, Rajasthan in India, many of whom had never seen a dentist. The team of four dental professionals is seeing over 35 patients per day at a hospital run by Human Benefit Services, which is supported here in New Jersey through the International Human Benefit Services (IHBS).

Here are some pictures from their incredible week so far! Read the rest of this entry »

East Madison Dental India Dental Mission Trip Update

Dessert Traveling

Last Wednesday, four East Madison Dental team members along with Dr. Narpat Jain and Registered Nurse Diana Mak arrived in India for a week-long dental mission at the Kalapurnam Hospital in Khichan, Rajasthan, India, located in the northwest of the country. On the way to their clinic destination, they made sure to take in all the magnificent sites, culture, and food that India has to offer. They also met up with Mrs. Jain, Dr. Jain’s wife and East Madison Dental CFO. Here are a few pictures of their camel riding, sight-seeing, and food exploring adventures up to today. They arrived last night in Khichan and start the clinic today. More updates to come! Read the rest of this entry »

East Madison Dental Embarks on Dental Mission Trip to India

From Left to Right: Diana Mak, Registered Nurse; Daniel Tise, Office Manager; Glenn Anton, Registered Dental Hygienist; Maria Nayan, Registered Dental Assistant; Narpat Jain, DMD, MAGD; Salvina Spina, Registered Dental Assistant

This week, East Madison Dental is embarking on a new adventure: India! Five dental professionals will be heading on Wednesday to the rural village of Khichan in Rajasthan, India to run a week-long dental mission trip.

Led by Dr. Jain, the group includes hygienist Glenn Anton, two dental assistants–Maria Nayan and Salvina Spina, our office manager Dan Tise, and registered nurse, Diana Mak. Read the rest of this entry »

Dr. Koh Moves to Cresskill

Meet Joon Yong Koh, DMD-20nov14Dr. Joon-Yong Koh, General Dentist at East Madison Dental in Tenafly, is now a proud Cresskill resident. He and his wife moved into town a few months ago, after looking at a lot of areas in Bergen County.

“We wanted to move somewhere where we could feel a sense of community and start our family,” says Dr. Koh, whose wife is expecting their first child in November. “We immediately got a good feeling about Cresskill.” Read the rest of this entry »

Back To School Dental Checkup: Why It’s So Important

Back to School Dental Checkup Can Help Improve Your Child’s Performance in School

In 2010, U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin called dental caries and periodontal disease “America’s Silent Epidemic.” She noted, “Dental caries is the most chronic disease in children: it is 5 times as common as asthma and 7 times as common as hay fever.”

What’s more, she highlighted, “If left untreated, [dental caries and periodontal disease] may cause pain, dysfunction, poor appearance, loss of self-esteem, absence from school or work, and difficulty concentrating on daily tasks.” More recent research also points to difficulties in speech and learning. Sending your children to school with a clean bill of dental health will enable them to concentrate more, miss less school, and participate more in class.  Read the rest of this entry »

Back to School and Dental Health: FAQ for Busy Parents

It’s that time of year again! As August comes to a close and September is underway, there is a lot that needs to get done before those school bells ring. We know that dental check-up is on one of those lists, and you might be asking yourself, how often do we need to get cleanings again? How long do they take? Let us take the guess work out of it for you with our FAQ on Your Child’s Dental Health! Here are some common inquiries that have been asked and answered to help you provide your children with the best dental care–without all the extra time! Read the rest of this entry »

Breastfeeding and Tongue-Ties: What It Can Mean for Your Baby

Difficulty Breastfeeding? You are not alone.

The first patient to walk into East Madison Dental last Saturday morning wasn’t a typical dental patient–for starters, she didn’t have teeth yet. She was a 2 week old infant tucked into a baby carrier held by her beaming, but perhaps slightly exhausted, mom, Kristen. Since the first time she tried to feed her baby, Kristen had difficulty. The infant would try to latch and would suck hard, but wasn’t getting any milk. The constant attempts were causing her pain, and her baby wasn’t getting fed. Read the rest of this entry »

Gum Recession: What You Should Know

 Have you noticed that your gums don’t cover as much of your teeth as they used to? Do your teeth look longer to you? Is it more painful than before to eat cold food and beverages like ice cream or iced water? You may be experiencing gum recession. Gum recession can occur from aggressive tooth brushing, braces you had as a child, genetics, or periodontal disease. Don’t worry! There are some great solutions. Read the rest of this entry »