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Spring Giveaway Contest Rules: Win a Garden Tool Tote & Seat by PicnicTime

Spring is in full gear, and we’re celebrating with a Spring Giveaway. We’re hoping that this giveaway will allow you to garden in comfort and create the beautiful vegetable garden or landscaped entryway you’ve always wanted. We’re giving away a PicnicTime Gardener Garden Tool Tote & Seat. It can also make the perfect Mother’s Day […]

Reducing Stress Can Also Reduce Tooth Problems

Today is National Stress Awareness Day–a time to try new stress relief techniques, learn about the effects of stress, and most importantly, to reduce your stress. Stress can have negative impacts on your entire body, your mouth included. For example, jaw soreness, teeth sensitivity, cavities, and gum disease can all be signs of increased stress. […]

Watch Your Mouth: April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

This month, the Oral Cancer Foundation wants you to Watch Your Mouth (for oral cancer) by getting screened. East Madison Dental provides oral cancer screenings to all our patients during comprehensive and periodic exams. Get the facts about oral cancer below, and check out our blog post on why Oral Cancer Screenings are Now More […]