Dr. Koh Provides Children’s Dental Health Tips at Korean Community Center in Tenafly

Community Outreach in Tenafly

In support of Children’s Dental Health Month, Dr. Koh held a seminar for parents at the Korean Community Center in Tenafly, NJ. He covered important dental health topics, such as what to do in the case of a dental emergency, best oral hygiene practices for children, when to get braces and what to expect, and more.

The audience listened intently to the presentation, particularly in the areas of different orthodontic options, and what do to if a tooth falls out. Many jotted notes, some grimaced at the photos of chipped or cracked teeth, and everyone laughed at the jokes that were sprinkled throughout the seminar.

Participants walked away with goodie bags for children’s dental health, and armed with knowledge about how to take care of their children’s dental health at home, to recognize problems before they arise, and to handle emergencies should they happen.

Dr. Koh will be presenting again at the KCC on March 12, 2018 at 1pm. The topic will be Senior Citizen Dental Health. For more information, contact Christine Goffredo, East Madison Dental Marketing Manager, at 201-501-8282.