East Madison Dental India Dental Mission Trip Update

Dessert Traveling

Last Wednesday, four East Madison Dental team members along with Dr. Narpat Jain and Registered Nurse Diana Mak arrived in India for a week-long dental mission at the Kalapurnam Hospital in Khichan, Rajasthan, India, located in the northwest of the country. On the way to their clinic destination, they made sure to take in all the magnificent sites, culture, and food that India has to offer. They also met up with Mrs. Jain, Dr. Jain’s wife and East Madison Dental CFO. Here are a few pictures of their camel riding, sight-seeing, and food exploring adventures up to today. They arrived last night in Khichan and start the clinic today. More updates to come!

Receiving a warm welcome

Desert Traveling

Camel Riding

Enjoying beautiful architecture

Trying delicious food

A monkey and a gorgeous landscape