East Madison Dental Embarks on Dental Mission Trip to India Oct 2017

From Left to Right: Diana Mak, Registered Nurse; Daniel Tise, Office Manager; Glenn Anton, Registered Dental Hygienist; Maria Nayan, Registered Dental Assistant; Narpat Jain, DMD, MAGD; Salvina Spina, Registered Dental Assistant

This week, East Madison Dental is embarking on a new adventure: India! Five dental professionals will be heading on Wednesday to the rural village of Khichan in Rajasthan, India to run a week-long dental mission trip.

Led by Dr. Jain, the group includes hygienist Glenn Anton, two dental assistants–Maria Nayan and Salvina Spina, our office manager Dan Tise, and registered nurse, Diana Mak.

Why A Dental Mission Trip to India?

“The idea for this trip comes from a desire to help take care of the people who need it most,” explained Dr. Jain. “My family has roots in the area we are traveling to, and this is an opportunity to give back to the region by helping those who are with the most need—many of whom have never seen a dentist.”

He added, “It is also a wonderful chance to share my origins with my team members and show them where I’m from.”

While East Madison Dental has been providing free dental services to its local community for the last three years with Free Dental Day, this will be its first international trip.

Glenn Anton, dental hygienist, has never been on a trip like this, but has always wanted to: “I think it’s extremely important for dental practices to provide donated services, if they can. So many people grow up in areas without access to dental education or services, and if a practice can provide that for even a small group of people, it is undoubtedly worth it.”

Dental assistant Maria Nayan is most looking forward to making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, and hopes to bring back a greater understanding of another part of the world: “Helping people feel good about themselves makes me feel good,” she beamed.

Local Non-Profit IHBS Helps Organize Trip

The group will be operating the dental clinic out of Kalpurnam Hospital in Khichan, India, located in the northwest of India. The trip was organized through the international non-profit, International Human Benefit Services, based out of New Jersey. IHBS provides support to a local organization in Khichan that runs the hospital, along with a bilingual school, several health centers, and mobile health units throughout Khichan. The hospital provides care to hundreds of Khichan residents, specializing in eye surgeries, dialysis services, and cleft-lip surgeries for the very poor.

The team would like to thank the generous dental vendors who made this trip possible through their donations of materials. These include Matt O’Malley with Henry Schein, Colgate, David Kleinman with Newark Dental-Pemco, Dental Studies Institute of New Jersey, Ultradent Products, Inc., and Kerr Dental Supplies.

The team will be heading down on Wednesday, October 4th and plans on sharing as many photos and stories as they can while they are there, and especially when they return. Check back to our website for updates!

To find out more information about the work of IHBS, head to ihbstrust.org.

Thank you to our sponsors!