Our Annual Top 5 Teeth-Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Here at East Madison Dental, we have food on the brain– and who doesn’t, with Thanksgiving just two days away? But, as a dental practice, we want to make sure that all of our delicious Thanksgiving dishes are not just tasty, but teeth-friendly. We have scoured the web, seeking out our 2017 Top 5 Teeth-Friendly Thanksgiving recipes for you! If you make one of these–please let us know!

The 2017 Top 5 Teeth Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

1. Cashew Green Bean Casserole:

We chose this dish for its cashews. These nuts contain anacardic acid which has been shown to kill the bacteria known to cause tooth decay, as well as acne. We also encourage you to check out almonds, which are low in sugar and high in calcium.



2. Kale & Wild Rice Casserole:

This one checks off two teeth-friendly foods: cheese & leafy greens. Dairy products like cheese raise your mouth’s pH level, which can lower the risk of tooth decay. Plus, cheese is filled with calcium and protein that strengthens teeth enamel. Leafy greens like kale are healthy all around, but it’s the folic acid, vitamin B, and calcium that your teeth will appreciate. An added bonus for pregnant women: vitamin B helps fight gum disease in pregnant women.




3. Moroccan Maple-Roasted Carrots & Apples:

This recipe is easy, throws some bold flavors into the mix, and includes two teeth-friendly ingredients. Apples are super teeth-friendly due to their high levels of fiber and H2O. Fiber has been linked in some studies to slowing gum recession. The water in apples combined with the action of chewing them increases the saliva in your mouth which rinses away bacteria and food particles in your mouth–same with carrots! 




4. Kale & Collared Green Gratin:

We just think it’s so great to find such good recipes with kale! We’ve thrown this one in for good measure: another leafy green win!



5. Fruit Tart With Honey Yogurt:

While too much sugary is a no-no for teeth, we threw in this recipe because it’s simple and looks fantastic. Plus, it contains yogurt which, like cheese, raises your mouth’s pH level, lowering the risk of tooth decay. Just make sure to have your toothbrush and floss handy for after dessert!