Regular Cleanings and Exams Contribute to Better Health

New Study Finds That Regular Cleanings and Exams Contribute to Better Emotional and Physical Health

It makes sense that regular cleanings and exams with a dentist help to improve your oral health and prevent serious dental problems. However, a new study shows that it does even more than that: regular dental cleanings and exams can improve your overall physical and emotional health, and the way you feel about yourself.

The mouth as a gateway to your overall health

One of the ways dental cleanings and exams can contribute to physical well-being is that the mouth can exhibit symptoms relating to more than 120 non-dental diseases, including diabetes, heart disease and oral cancer. Dentists are trained in how to identify the signs of a variety of different diseases. If you are going twice a year to your dentist, then any change in your mouth would be noted immediately, and you would be able to seek the proper treatment early. For pregnant women, regular dental cleanings and exams can contribute to a healthy pregnancy by keeping bacteria in the mouth from traveling down to the fetus, which can be toxic to a developing baby.

Emotional and physical health are tied to regular dental exams and cleanings

In addition to your physical health, regular dental cleanings and exams help people to feel better too. In a survey of over 1,700 adults, 52% of those that see a dentist regularly reported excellent or very good emotional health. Overall, adults that see their dentist at least twice a year reported better eating habits, more frequent exercise, and better physical health than those that go to the dentist less than one time a year.

Bottom Line: Don’t skip your regular cleaning and exam

In 2017, 84% of working adults had some form of dental coverage either through their employer, their spouse, or privately purchased. Even so, only 7 in 10 of those people went to the dentist regularly. By not using their dental benefits fully, they are missing out on all the good that can come from visits to the dentist. For those without insurance, many dental practices now offer discount programs or VIP clubs that provide preventive care at a lower cost. These programs make it much easier for families to get the regular preventive dental care they need and be able to take advantage of all of the physical and emotional benefits that come with it!