Share Your Sweets with US Troops this Halloween


Halloween Candy Give Back at East Madison Dental

Halloween is just around the corner! While you and your children are probably busy getting costumes ready and preparing for some trick-or-treating, dentists and hygienists around the country are busy getting worried about so much sugar intake! This year, East Madison Dental hopes to reduce the amount of sugar that children consume, which can lead to cavities and other serious dental problems. We are running a Halloween Candy Give Back where you can drop off some or all of your Halloween candy and it will be donated to US troops overseas. It’s easy to participate: just drop off your candy at East Madison Dental Office between October 31 and November 5th. We will be giving out spinbrush toothbrushes to the first 50 children to give back candy! 

This is a great way to avoid future dental complications, while sharing some of the joy of Halloween with our troops!

halloweencandyRemember to Eat Your Candy Responsibly

It’s great for children to enjoy a bit of their Halloween “loot”, but make sure they’re being extra good about brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Remember that baby teeth are just as susceptible to tooth decay as adult teeth, and bacteria that enters your child’s gums can affect the proper development of his or her adult teeth. By eating candy in moderation, brushing and flossing, and drinking a glass of water after sweets, future dental problems can be easily avoided.

From all of us at East Madison Dental: Have a Happy, Safe, and Fun Halloween and we hope to see you for the Candy Give Back!