Stressed? Your teeth could be affected.

Stress, Grinding and What you Can Do to Protect Your Teeth

Stress can have a lot of adverse effects on the body. It can cause damage to your stomach, liver, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It can also lead to cavities, chipped teeth and a sore jaw. How? Many people (over 20% of adults) grind their teeth when they’re stressed. This can happen at night or during the day. The more stress, the more grinding. Grinding places a lot of unnatural force on your teeth, which can lead to chipping or cracking, leaving your teeth prey to bacteria getting in and causing cavities–or worse.

But don’t stress (even more)! Your dentist can make you a customized occlusal guard that you can wear at night and during the day when you find yourself grinding. The occlusal guard covers your top or bottom teeth, so when you grind, the force is wrecking the occlusal guard–and not your teeth.

Now, that’s something to be relieved (and not stressed) about! To find out more about occlusal guards, ask your dentist at your next appointment or give us a call at 201-501-8282. To learn more about teeth grinding (known as bruxism), click here.

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