Disinfection Protocols

Your health, and safety is our number one priorty as our families are treated here too.  We follow all CDC, OSHA, ADA recommendations for infection control.  


Treatment Rooms


  • After each procedure, or office visit, the chairs and all surfaces are sprayed with a medical grade disinfectant.  This is allowed to sit for the necessary time for effectiveness.
  • Using disinfecting wipes, all surfaces are wiped down
  • Disposable barriers are applied to touch surfaces



  • Instruments used in the mouth will either be sterilized in an autoclave or will be disposable.
  • Once procedure is completed the instruments are brought to the sterilization area


Dental Chairs

  • Each chair has it's own individual bottle for water
  • The waterlines are treated to eliminate any biofilm routinely
  • The suction lines are routinely cleaned with a disinfectant solution


Sterilization Area

Once instruments are used, they are brought to the sterilization area.  Our sterilization area is designed to go from dirty to clean to avoid any cross contamination.  Our instruments go through the following steps:

Miele disinfector

  • Using hot water with detergent, much akin to your home dishwasher, all our instruments are cleaned and dried.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • For some instruments we utilize an ultrasonic cleaner with disinfectant solution to remove debris from the instruments

Bagging or Wrapping

  • Instruments are then bagged or wrapped with a temperature indicator.  This indicator will change color once the instruments are sterilized


  • Once instruments are bagged or wrapped, they go through the autoclave.  The instruments are subjected to high temperature and pressure steam to kill all known organisms
  • The autoclave is tested weekly using spores by an indepedent laboratory

Instrument Storage

  • Instruments are then stored until needed
  • Each instrument package is inspected prior to being used in patient care to make sure the sterilization seal has been maintained, and that the temperature indicator turned the appropriate color


Air Quality

HEPA Air Filtration

We have HEPA filters with UV light to clean and disinfect the air of particles, bacteria, viruses

Aerosol Suction

We use eith a high speed evacuation suction or an over the mouth suction whenever procedures that may aerosolize bacteria or viruses


We fog the office to disinfect the air and surfaces with a gentle disinfectant



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