No Dental Insurance? No Worries!

East Madison Dental is offering Preventive TotalCare: an affordable alternative to dental insurance

TotalCareTotalcare Gives You Cleanings and More:

Yearly cleanings and regular exams
Intra-oral x-rays
Emergency Visit
2 fluoride applications
3 plan options to fit your needs
Our East Madison Dental Guarantee

Totalcare Offers 3 Plan Options:

Child Preventive Plan: $450  reg. $820  Your savings: $370

(12 and under: 2 exams, 2 child cleanings, intra-oral x-rays, 2 fluoride varnishes, 1 emergency visit)

Adult Preventive Plan: $545  reg. $880  Your savings: $335

(13 and older: 2 exams, 2 cleanings, intra-oral x-rays, 2 fluoride varnishes, 1 emergency visit)

Adult Periodontal Plan:    $995  reg. $1430  Your savings: $435

(2 exams, 4 perio maintenances, intra-oral x-rays, 4 fluoride varnishes, 1 emergency visit)

Frequently Asked Questions about Totalcare

Why did East Madison Dental create Totalcare?

One of the goals at East Madison Dental is to provide quality dental care in a warm and personal atmosphere. We understand that health care costs continue to rise every year. To encourage good dental health and to alleviate costs, we have developed a preventive dental care savings program.

Besides savings, what are other advantages of Totalcare?

Totalcare offers you a dental plan for the whole year that has no waiting periods, no deductibles, and no annual maximums or claims forms. East Madison Dental will keep track of what appointments you have had already, and will remind you of what you appointments you have yet to schedule.

Do I have to pay for Totalcare all at once?

We offer the option for you to pay in full and receive the substantial discounts listed above. We also offer a monthly payment plan through Care Credit, a healthcare financing program that we know and trust. The monthly payment plans are as follows:

Adult Prophy Plan: $50 per month for 12 months ($600 for the year)

Adult Perio Plan: $95 per month for 12 months ($1140 for the year)

Child Prophy Plan: $40 per month for 12 months ($480 for the year)

For each of these plans, you are still saving between $200 and $300 a year with the monthly payment option.

What kind of guarantee do I receive with these plans?

East Madison Dental procedures come with our EMD Guarantee as long as you are keeping up with your routine hygiene maintenance and periodic exams. The Totalcare plans allow you to easily keep up with that routine, and ensure that the EMD Guarantee is intact. The EMD Guarantee is:

EMD guarantees 5 years on crowns and veneers (date of service to year 3 is covered at 100%; years 3 to 5 are covered at 50%), 2 years on fillings, 2 years on sealants, 2 years on night-guards (does not cover lost night-guards). Patients must be seen a minimum of 2 times per year for their routine hygiene maintenance and periodic exam.

What is the fine print?

EMD Totalcare is valid for 12 months from start date. All intra-oral x-rays included for 1 year, excludes Panoramic or CT-scan imaging. For patients with insurance, we will NOT be submitting for preventative care on your behalf. Totalcare cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts. This plan does not include treatment for gum disease (debridement, scaling, root planing). Once treatment is rendered, the fee is non-refundable or transferable. Plan is subject to change.