Immediate Implant


In the past, it took several months to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant. Thanks to new advances in the dental field, we can, in most cases, place an implant and a temporary crown on the same day.

Phase 1

Once we extract the tooth, we will reshape the site to receive the implant. After attaching an extension to the implant, we will cement a temporary crown on top of the implant. To ensure your bite is comfortable, we will carefully adjust the crown. While the implant attaches to the bone, you should eat a soft diet and avoid chewing on the temporary crown over the next several months.

Phase 2

The process for fabricating a permanent crown varies from patient to patient. Once we remove the temporary crown, we will make impressions of your mouth. We will then fabricate accurate working models of your mouth to ensure proper alignment. Utilizing these models, we will carefully tailor your crown and place it on top of the implant.

Regular check-ups and proper home care ensures the success of your new implant.

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