Florida Probe


East Madison Dental uses the latest in dental technology to provide our patients with optimal dental care. One of our newest technologies in diagnostic service that we offer to check for gum disease is called the Florida Probe.

smiling mother and daughter

This probe allows a standard measurement of periodontal pocket depth electronically and accurately. The system records the main factors of a periodontal exam, including missing teeth, recession, pocket depth, bleeding, root involvement, mobility and plaque assessment. One of the most important steps in the treatment of periodontal disease is measurement of progress. The Florida Probe is the leader in clinical periodontal diagnostic tools and provides for the most precise and in-depth measurement.

With this computer-assisted probe, we can measure periodontal pockets faster and more accurately. When leaving our office with your periodontal chart you will have a clear and accurate picture of your periodontal health.

The Florida Probe allows us to accurately monitor and track your periodontal progress to help protect your beautiful smile for a lifetime.

For more information about Florida Probe or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jain, Dr. Faldu, Dr. Correa, Dr. Braidy, Dr. Chung, Dr. Sabat, Dr. Kim or Dr. Vafiadis, call our office in Tenafly, NJ at East Madison Dental Tenafly Phone Number 201-501-8282.