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Looking for the best place for your child to undergo a comfortable laser frenectomy, tongue tie, lip tie, or cheek tie in Englewood, NJ?

Tongue ties, lip ties, and cheek ties are also known as tethered oral tissues, sometimes called TOTS. Ties are caused by a frenum, a fibrous tissue that connects and holds other tissues in place. Sometimes a frenum might be short, thick, or tight and might extend too far down along the tongue, gum, palate, or cheeks to result in a tongue tie, lip tie, or cheek tie. When a frenum is positioned to interfere with normal function or constrict the movement of the tongue, lips, or cheeks, it can be corrected by an oral surgery called a frenectomy.

Our treatment philosophy at East Madison Dental Englewood is symptom-driven, meaning will only perform a frenectomy if our dentists detect an impediment to tongue function.

Tongue Ties

young child brushing his teethTongue-tie is caused by a lingual frenulum (the membrane under the tongue) that is either too short or too thick. For a newborn, a tongue-tie can make breastfeeding difficult for the infant and painful for the mother because the lip’s or tongue’s limited movement prevents the infant from properly latching on.

An infant experiencing tongue tie may have symptoms like:

  • Poor latch on breast or bottle
  • Falls asleep while feeding
  • Slides off the nipple when feeding
  • Cries often / fussy feeder
  • Reflux, spitting up
  • Clicking sounds
  • Poor weight gain
  • Frequent feedings or lengthy feedings
  • Frustration when feeding

Toddlers, children and adults with a tongue tie may experience symptoms like:

  • Difficulty eating solid foods (comes across as a fussy eater)
  • Speech difficulties
  • High vaulted palate
  • Orthodontic constriction
  • Gum recession
  • Sleep apnea
  • Mouth breathing
  • Possible link of ADD/ADHD due to airway obstruction
  • Posture problems
  • Headaches or neck and shoulder aches

Lip Ties

Babies with lip ties often have difficulty flanging their lips properly to feed and don’t make a good seal at the breast when latching. Lip ties can cause them to take in excess air during breastfeeding, making these babies gassy and fussy. If left untreated, it can eventually impair the child’s proper tooth alignment or increase the risk of tooth decay.

Cheek Ties

Cheek ties connect the cheek to the bony ridge on the upper jaw. When the tissue impedes the normal function of the cheek to generate suction or effect the seal around the nipple, we may release the cheek ties.

Laser Frenectomy

At East Madison Dental in Englewood, our doctors offer laser frenectomies, using a laser beam to detach the frenulum from the lips, tongue, and/or cheeks. Frenectomies may be done with a simple topical anesthetic or local injection. Sedation is unnecessary, and the procedure is completed in less than 5-6 minutes at our Englewood dental office.

The benefits of using a laser dentistry for the frenectomy procedure include less bleeding, reduced scarring, minimal postoperative pain, shorter healing time, less risk of reattachment, and fewer functional complications.

Healing and Recovery after Frenectomy

young child laughing after visiting the dentistThe mouth heals very quickly, and bleeding after a frenectomy is usually minimal. After your frenectomy procedure at East Madison Dental, it is important to stretch and massage the tongue at least three times a day for three weeks to prevent the tongue from reattaching as it heals. We discourage the usage of a pacifier.

Most babies experience minimal discomfort after the procedure, and breastfeeding provides natural pain relief. If, however, your baby seems uncomfortable, Chamilia (teething section of pharmacy) can be given to help with discomfort. Chilled breast milk may be applied to the surgical site. Please speak with your pediatrician if you are unsure about what dose of medication to give. Remember that medication dosages should always be based on the baby's weight.

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